Junior Doctors – When Will They Strike Again?

Doctors protest in longest strike yet

By Minahill and Sanna
Junior Doctors have been going on strike – their third most recent and longest strike so far lasting 48 hours.  It has been reported that more than 5,000 treatments have been postponed and further thousands of check-ups, appointments and tests are also being affected.

Picture courtesy of the BBC

It is reported that this is having a major impact on the NHS’s services.

The doctors play a vital and important role in checking patients. If the strike continues then it causes risks regarding discharging patients safely, and if patients can’t get released, wards get full and that has an impact on waiting times in A&E.

The purpose of this strike is that the doctors are objecting to the new contract in England.

Dr. Anne Rainsbury, who is in charge of planning during the strike says, “So far the NHS is holding up but we always expected the second half of the strike to be more challenging.”

It is believed that the strike will continue until authorities listen to the doctor’s protests.