John Palmers Death

Palmer’s Death Solved!

In June, John Palmer, 65, who was suspected to be a con-man, was shot six times in the chest at his home in South Weald. Essex police say that his killer is believed to have entered the garden, over the fence close to where he was and made his way to where Mr Palmer was burning rubbish before shooting him. His body was found by his son’s girlfriend an hour later.

Thought to be part of many crimes such as the Brink’s-Mat gold bullion robbery, Palmer‘s killer is suspected to be part of one of his previous gangs who may have wanted to harm him – some suspect that his killer wanted to keep him quiet about the Hatton Garden Raid (in which nine men were arrested ).


Palmer’s history includes various crimes including:

-Being jailed in 2001 for 8 years due to a £20m timeshare fraud involving 16,000 victims. He served half his sentence.

-In 2005, he became bankrupt with debts of £3.9m even though he was believed to have over £300m before.

-In 2006, he was arrested by the Spanish police and charged with fraud, firearm possession and money laundering.

-He was due to stand on trial for these crimes at the time of his death.


By Sahar & Naima
From BBC News