The Academy aims to ensure that students learn and teachers teach in a supportive, caring and safe environment. To help this, we have policies and procedures which we follow. These policies and procedures are available for you below.  If you need any more information regarding these policies then please e-mail admin@newcharteracademy.org.uk


Admissions policy 2017-18                                                             Charging and Remissions Policy

Admissions Policy 2016-17                                                             Anti-bullying policy

NCA Oversubscription Criteria 2016-17                                          Equal Opportunities

E-Safety policy                                                                             Ethos and Values

GAET Complaints Policy                                                                Home Agreement

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy                                         Student Privacy Notice 2016

Student Mobile Phone & Hand Held Technology Policy                 Careers Policy April 2016

Student Behaviour Policy