Governor – Mr Sumit Mistry

As a member of the UK Civil Service Sumit has had the opportunity to work across a number of major Government Departments making a difference to national security, counter-terrorism and most recently welfare reform. An area which Sumit is also passionate about is the education of our children in UK and the difference it can make to individuals lives. He is passionate about delivering high standards, discipline and rigour in the way organisations operate.

Sumit was born and grew up in Ashton-Under-Lyne, however studied at Universities, worked and lived in various parts of the UK. He remains passionate about his home town and is keen to play a part to improve the schools in Tameside so they offer outstanding levels of education which in turn improves lives in the local area.

Sumit’s eye for detail and ability to interpret various types of data is a real asset to New Charter’s Governing Body and those skills are greatly appreciated on the Standards and Effectiveness Committee.